Crockfords Hotel Review: The Sky Casino Is a Must Try

Crockfords Hotel Review: The Sky Casino Is a Must Try

Crockfords Hotel is a relaxing modern facility to find excellent service, comfort, and an unforgettable casino gaming experience. Its proximity to SkyCasino makes it the perfect getaway destination for you to enjoy a high-class casino.

It is the only hotel in Malaysia awarded Forbes Travel Guide’s prestigious 5-star rating for three consecutive years. This is a testament to their exquisite service, which cuts across all the services they offer, including the Casino.

Crockfords hotel has also been consistently commended for observing high health standards.

It is Sharecare Verified. This means that Crockfords complies with all the relevant health and safety measures for their guests and employees. Some of the new measures adopted due to the recent pandemic have been seamlessly incorporated into their traditional healthy standard.

The beautifully designed and luxuriously furnished Crockfords hotel creates a rich atmosphere that will have you walk up to the gaming tables feeling lucky.

The Casino

When at the Crockfords hotel, you stay within close proximity to the Sky Casino. Here you can enjoy all the games and luxuries that this forest-themed Casino presents in a calmingly familiar environment.

Sky Casino has all the world-famous casino games and a lot more. It also has several bars with good food but pretty expensive drinks. The nightlife at these bars is another attraction that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Here Are 3 Reasons To Try Out The Sky Casino

1. The Casino Games

In the enormous gaming space, you enjoy legendary casino games like poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette, and so many others. You can enjoy these in their traditional setting, with wooden tables, chips, cards, a dealer, and others.

Yet, to keep up with innovation and the high demand, SkyCasino also has electronic table games. These electronic versions of popular table casino games include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and several others.

The Casino is a blend of modern and ancient sophistication, a perfect fit for Crockfords Hotel guests. A wide range of slot games also means that you can participate in very rewarding jackpots.

2. The Technology

Crockfords Hotel integrates technology into its facilities in and around the hotel. Through the Resort World Genting mobile app, you can check-in, check out and get access into your room.  You are also able to seamlessly pay to bet at the Casino using the card-less payment feature.

3. VIP And Private Gaming

For some high rollers, you may wish to experience gaming VIP treatment while staying at Crockfords Hotel. In that case, you can enjoy the exclusivity of the Sky Casino Silver Club, the Crockfords platinum club, and Crockfords Private gaming areas.

At the clubs, you have access to private slot machines, gaming tables, and a lot more. You also get to enjoy exclusive hosting, fine dining, accommodation, and other relaxation activities like spa treatments.

In Conclusion

Crockfords Hotel is a one-of-a-kind attraction that promises extreme luxury and comfort for all its guests. Guests can play at one of the best casinos in the world in the adjacent SkyCasino.

The professional customer service and attention to detail from the employees would enrich your stay. You are guided to all the facilities and navigating around the premises is easy.

The magnificent Sky Casino is spacious enough to accommodate many players. Both staying guests and walk-in players are all well-taken care of too.

So, is it worth your time and money? I say yes! If you have the money to blow, it’s a great place to treat yourself.