A Gloria Residences Genting Highlands Casino Review You Must Read

A Gloria Residences Genting Highlands Casino Review You Must Read

Gloria Residences Genting Highlands is also the home of the Genting casino. Genting Casino is a historical casino in Malaysia as it is said to be the first land-based Casino. With this reputation, it always stays ahead of the other casinos in the market.

At the peak of every relaxation experience is class, excellent service, a beautiful ambiance, and fun activities. And Gloria Residences Genting Highlands at the heart of Kuala Lumpur perfectly demonstrates this.

Guests have rated it highly for the customer satisfaction and the professionalism of the staff. The highlight of their visit is usually the breath-taking views all around the facility.

Also, despite receiving some negative reviews in the past, Genting Casino has refined the services they offer. They have taken customer feedback into consideration to improve customer care and staff commitment.

Gloria Residences Genting Highlands is also keeping up with the times. They ensure a thoroughly cleansed and sanitized facility to protect patrons.

What To Expect At Gloria Residences Casino

Casino Games

Gloria Residences Genting Highlands’ Genting casino has one of the widest varieties of casino games. The choices include 30 tables, 3000 slot machines, 400 electronic table games, and many more.

The traditional casino visitor and the new generation visitors who are more comfortable with computer interfaces are well taken care of.

Here you can play popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Tai sai, French boule, and several others. All these games are available 24/7.

Ambiance and Service

If you are gaming at a world-class facility like Gloria Residences Genting Highlands, you must adhere to the standard dress code at the Casino. You must dress elegantly in smart casual or else be denied entry.

Guests below 21 years cannot access at the Casino. And for privacy reasons, you’ll have to do away with your electronic gadgets.

The service is top-notch, and it includes 24-hour dining. They have some of the best dishes prepared by brilliant chefs from around the world.

Guests at the Casino also enjoy the luxury and comfort of the hotel rooms if they wish to spend the night. Plus, through membership privileges, you can get a room at a fair price.


Genting Casino offers very lucrative promotions for members, which you can always utilize. There are different membership packages that you can subscribe to and get a membership card.

Each package comes with its own benefits depending on the tier it falls under.

The available promotions include complimentary rooms, access to other activities, VIP casino gaming tables, and credits for gaming.

In conclusion,

The Genting group runs multiple casinos and recreational facilities around the world. As with other Genting casinos, Gloria Residences does not disappoint but maintains the same standard of high-quality services.

The Casino is well equipped, and there are clear gaming guidelines and rules to ensure that you know what to do. Several guests at the Casino have walked away with life-changing wins.

So, although not considered high-end luxury like its Genting counterparts such as Resorts World, it has its perks and is certainly worth a try.