Here’s How To Play TOTO games

Here’s How To Play TOTO games

With TOTO games, players place their bets on a set of numbers that must match the numbers drawn to win a prize. You can place your bets with three easy steps. Draws take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Placing Your Bets.

Before placing your bets, you must first select the type of Toto game that you would like to play. You can choose from a total of 8 different TOTO games, each of which has varying gaming plays, advantages, and prizes.


When playing 4D TOTO, you must choose from 3 different options available.

Standard Play

Here you chose a combination of 4 numbers between 0 and 9. The minimum bet amount you can place for this game is RM1. When placing the bet, you will have to choose either a big or small forecast. The resulting prizes for the two forecasts vary.

I-perm Play

Like the standard play, the minimum betting amount is RM. i-perm (Insurance permutation) differs from the standard. It gives you more chances to win with smaller bets.

With this method, you select a permutation number among 4,6, 12, and 24, which will generate a set of 4 digit numbers for just RM1.

For example:

  • choose a permutation number 6
  • You get 6 4-digit numbers on your ticket which you purchase at RM1.


Here you choose between Roll 1 and Roll 4. Roll 1 allows the player to select the last 3 digits, and the first digit will be picked from numbers between 0 and 9. Roll 4 allows the player to choose the first 3 digits, and the last digit will be from 0 to 9. This gameplay goes for a minimum of RM10.


This is a 5-digit game. You can play through the standard method where the player chooses a combination of 5-digit numbers between 0 and 9. The i-perm option involves using permutation numbers 5, 10. 20, 30, 60, and 120. A minimum of RM1 is required.


Each player selects 6 numbers between 0 and 9 and places their bet for a minimum of RM1.


Similar to 4D TOTO, it uses only two methods of play (Standard and i-perm). However, each player must choose a zodiac sign from the twelve Chinese zodiac signs to add to their selected 4-digit numbers.

4D Jackpot.

For a minimum of RM2, you can place bets on 2 or more 4-digit numbers. This game has 3 gameplay methods i.e.

  • Standard play that allows 2 sets of 4-digit numbers
  • System play that allows 3 to 20 sets
  • The system allows you to place a minimum of 10 sets up to a maximum of 20.

Supreme 6/58.

This type of TOTO game allows you to select 6 numbers from a range of 0 to 58. The minimum betting price is RM1. It consists of 3 different gameplay types, which include;


Here the player selects the set of 6 digit numbers, for example, 11-54-27-21-15-42.

System Play

With system play, you pick 7 to 15 numbers of your choice. The more numbers you choose to play, the more your chances of winning since you cover almost all possible combinations. If you bet on 7 numbers, your possible set of numbers can be 11-54-42-38-28-10-21, for example.

EZ- Bet

This gameplay is similar to System play. However, it increases your chances of winning by allowing you to pick between 9 to 15 numbers. The minimum bet for this game is RM84.

Power TOTO 6/55 and Star TOTO 6/50 are other variation games that allow you to select 6 digit numbers between 1 to 55 and 1 to 50, respectively. Their methods of play are similar to supreme 6/58.


The TOTO game has a variety of gaming options available for you to participate in. Each game offers different prizes and gameplay methods that can increase your chances of winning a prize.

These are few guidelines for how to play TOTO games. While there is no guaranteed win for any gaming options, you must understand how each game works and select the one that suits you and your budget.