7 Pro Tips For Winning TOTO Games

7 Pro Tips For Winning TOTO Games

TOTO has 8 gaming options available to each player. Some of them may have inbuilt features such as i-perm that will increase your chances of winning TOTO games. But this article is here to guide you on how you can improve these odds even further.

Your winning odds will vary depending on the type of TOTO game that you are playing. For instance, when playing Supreme Toto 6/58, you will have one in 40,475,358 chances of winning (the worst Toto gaming odds), while with Star Toto, you will have one in 15,890,700 chances in winning.

Winning Tips

Select Random Numbers

Choosing special dates such as anniversary dates and birthday dates would be ideal for any 4D game since you choose numbers between 1 and 9.

However, when it comes to play Toto games such as the 5D Toto, Toto Supreme, etc., using such a strategy will leave you with smaller numbers like 1 to 7 or 1 to 12.

This significantly reduces your winning chances. Plus, you may have to split prizes since many people tend to use such a strategy.

So, blending both high and low numbers when selecting your numbers will help more.

Balance The Odd And Even Numbers

There are very slim chances that only even or odd numbers will be drawn. When placing Toto bets, always have a good mix-up of both even and odd numbers when selecting your numbers.

Doing so will increase your winning chances since 80% of the draws are a combination of odd and even numbers.

Understand The Odds Of Winning in TOTO

It helps to know the different TOTO prize structures and odds of winning each. That way, you can strategize more accurately.

You could opt for the big prizes, for example, buying more tickets, risking with smaller odds, etc.

Alternatively, you can focus on the general odds of winning any prize. With a lower-level strategy, you may not hit the jackpot, but at least you are almost sure of winning something every time you play.

Keep An Eye Out For Repeated Numbers

Occasionally, a specific number can appear consecutively in many draws. This happens at least 59 percent of the time. Studying previous game results to identify this pattern and using the exact same numbers will increase your chances of winning.

Avoid Combinations Of Numbers Previously Drawn

Selecting numbers that have already appeared during draws is just setting yourself up for failure. The chances of those numbers reappearing are close to zero.

Instead, choose a combination of numbers that have not surfaced.

Using Predictive Software

With software available for almost anything nowadays, it is no surprise that there’s one for predicting lottery winning numbers. Software such as Magayo helps players come up with predictions on what numbers to bet.

This is by far the easiest winning strategy. However, also use your intuition and don’t wholly trust the prediction.

When identifying software to use, make sure to check the reviews and testimonies made by its clients to get a good picture of its credibility.

Playing With a Friend

When making predictions, doing so with a friend will be of an added advantage. This is because they will provide insights that you probably would have missed out on. The only catch with this game strategy is that you will have to split the winning prize.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that betting games mostly rely on chance and luck, these strategies will help you when selecting a combination of numbers to play. However, these tips are not a winning guarantee since they are not infallible.

Always choose the strategy you feel could work for you and use your intuition whenever playing. You can also combine two or more techniques in order to come up with a good prediction.