Review: Is It Legit? Review: Is It Legit? is one of the most visually attractive online casinos you’ll find. The gold and black theme colors on their website create an exciting posh atmosphere.

Some players may find the website a little too busy, but it still serves the purpose. If you look past this, Resortbet has all the activities for an enjoyable betting experience.

They boast of fast customer support and gameplay service, offering a turnaround time of 3 minutes for all your activities.

Available Features


Like other alternatives, Resortbet also offers some bonuses for opening an account. You get 15% credits for your first deposit. Opening an account is also free and easy. You also get to enjoy a 5% win bonus and a 5% loss rebate.

The only downside of playing at is the cap on withdrawals for the bonus. Members can only withdraw their deposit bonus after x3 turnover.

So, deposit bonuses are not immediately useful for the players.

Online Casino

Resortbet offers you an online casino that is rich in features and games. There are classic casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slots, among many others.

You get to conveniently enjoy these games from their website and even participate in life-changing jackpots.


Resortbet includes multiple highly reputable and reliable sportsbooks like Tbsbet, Maxbet, Ibcbet, Sbobet, and Cmdbet.

You can bet on sports like football, basketball, rugby, tennis, NFL, horse racing, motorsports, and several others with any of these options.

Live Score

Players doing sports betting get to follow live action as the games happen. This enables you to manage your risk better as you’ll know when to jump in or out of the bet.

Banking Options

Resortbet has many options to deposit and withdraw through DBS, POSB, OCBC Bank, UOB, and Maybank. This process is streamlined to be as fast and as safe as possible.

However, some gamers have complained in the past when their transactions took slightly longer than advertised. So, you might want to not heavily rely on their assurances.

Also, even with many banking options, some popular alternatives are still not fully available on the site, like PayPal and Bitcoin.


Its safe to say is quite legit and worth a try. It is your standard, attractive and reliable online casino. With all the features and services, the site offers quite an unforgettable experience.

It caters to both beginner and professional players by being user-friendly and rich activities.