Blackjack Online in Malaysia

Blackjack is traditionally the most played card game in a casino. This also translates to its popularity in online casinos. The ease of mastering the game makes it suitable for any player, be it a newbie or a high roller. The main objective of the game is simply getting a hand of 21 to beat the dealer.

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There are plenty of reasons why players should choose to play online instead of at a land-based casino.

More value for your money

Online casinos always offer fabulous bonuses and other special promos. Players use these to bankroll their future bets. In real money games, this means quick cash for players.

No queues or lines

In land-based casinos, players tend to queue for popular games or winning tables. Playing online means that players can join a blackjack table anytime.


With a single swipe or click, players can choose their favourite games or withdraw their real money earnings. Players can also access their games from the comforts of their own homes anytime, on any device.

Fast and secure transactions

No more queues at the cashier window for your chips or to cash in your chips. Playing online means all your transactions are done electronically, which is by far faster and more secure.

Blackjack Variations

Players can indulge in many forms of blackjack online. Here are the four most popular variations of blackjack:

Classic Blackjack

Also known as the American blackjack, the game is played with an eight 52 card deck. Players are not allowed to surrender their cards in this variation.

Perfect Pairs

Players have an automatic side bet in this variation, which is the possibility of their cards being a pair. Players win extra if they obtain two cards of the same value and colour.

Blackjack Switch

Players are dealt two hands instead of one. They can switch cards between their two hands to obtain a more favourable set of winning cards.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This variation is played with 4 standard decks. Players can double down on any initial hand as well as after splitting. On top of that, players can also split up to 4 total hands.

European Blackjack

The dealer does not get a hole card in this variation. The dealer first receives one card and deals all players their cards before receiving his second card. The dealer is unable to check for a blackjack before any of the players completes their hand.

There are many more variations of blackjack with different rules which change players’ strategies and test their skills.

Blackjack Objectives

The general rule is simple, which is obtaining a hand of 21. The face up card gives players a hint at the values of the cards of the dealer. To beat the dealer, the players must:

  • Obtain a hand value higher than that of the dealer’s
  • If the dealer obtains a card value of more than 21, and goes bust
  • If you obtain a hand of 21 on your first two cards, and the dealer did not

The player automatically loses if:

  • He obtains a card sum of over 21 and goes bust
  • The dealer has a higher card sum than the player at the end of a round

Players have the option of playing free games. These are great to hone your skills, but nothing beats the thrill of the game when you have money on the line. Having now ironed out the rules and objectives, let us get you started on how you can earn easy and fast money playing online blackjack.

Casino Agents vs Foreign Sites

To help you make a choice on where to best make full use of your money, we have outlined the two ways you can earn real money while playing blackjack online:

Casino Agents

Think of them like your best friends in online gambling. They have great depth of knowledge and experience and direct players to the best sites offering the best odds. These are the two established names that players prefer:


Acebet99 has a decade long track record in Asia. They offer live dealer and seamless interactive games for an amazing gaming experience. Malaysians love them for their variety of other casino games as well as sports betting.

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A prominent name in Asia, Bet888win is famous for their generosity with bonuses and promos. They offer lucrative welcome and deposit, making them a firm favourite amongst Malaysians.

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Foreign Casinos

These are a dime a dozen on the internet nowadays. However, foreign casinos tend to seem less secure, which can be a main concern and they also tend to be less generous on their bonuses. Here are the two foreign casinos that are reliable:


Players value 22bet for their interactive and seamless gameplay. Their mobile live dealer games include blackjack and other casino card games. It functions on any device and platform, be it Android or iOs, so players can enjoy their games on the go or from home.

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Raging Bull Slots

Raging Bull Slots offers beautiful thematic games on any device. They also have attractive bonuses and offer free spins through regular promos for their loyal customers. Besides slots, they also have a wide variety of other casino games for their players to enjoy.

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Other Casino Games

Unlike traditional brick and mortar establishments, online casinos offer most, if not all games for their players. Here is a list of four all-time favourites:


Internationally recognized with its own world-class leagues and tournaments. The objective of poker is to capture the pot by obtaining the best cards on the table. Players also bluff their way to convince the other players that they have a great hand so that they surrender and fold.


In roulette, the croupier spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the other, thus making it a game of pure chance and luck. The player then bets on the number of the pocket that the ball lands in.


Baccarat is a game played against the dealer. Being the most complex card game in a casino, it draws many high rollers. The complexity belies the simple objective of obtaining a hand close to 9 as possible.


A firm favourite, slots is easily the simplest game. Players determine their bet amount and pull a handle. The resulting arrangement of images determines your winnings. Online slots also have the most beautiful thematic gameplay of all online casino games.


Online casino games are the easiest way of earning real money online. Players flock to online casinos as they are a fun way to earn money. With the ease of connectivity and accessibility, players can opt to play from anywhere, using any device. Playing online also simplifies all transactions, be it deposits or withdrawals of your winnings.

Join the throngs of Malaysians and play blackjack online today and earn some real money!