Cricket Betting in Malaysia

Cricket betting in Malaysia has become very popular amongst pundits in recent years. The long matches, many options of betting and complexity of the game keeps the punters enthralled.

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Malaysians love to bet on cricket due to:

Plenty of events year-round

Unlike other sports, major cricket events are held year-round like World Cup, The Ashes and the Indian Premier League (IPL)

Simple betting probabilities

Easily understandable cricket odds mean that even a newbie can confidently start betting on their favourite team or player

Plenty of bet variations

There are many bet types to choose from. The most common ones are highest individual scores, top bowler and man of the match

Being a Muslim predominant country, gambling and betting is not readily available to the general public, hence why Malaysians turn to online betting. In general, online bookmakers offer great rewards to punters like bonuses.

Recommended Sportsbook Agents

When choosing a sportsbook agent, punters must keep in mind that they are granting them access to personal data and funds. Security and reliability are the two most important factors. These are the two most trusted sportsbook agents used by Malaysians:

Acebet99 has had a decade long history in Asia. Boasting unparalleled round the clock customer care and choice of sports, they also offer live match betting. This is a great source of excitement, especially when real money is involved.


Malaysians love Bet888win for their generosity with bonuses like welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses. These allow you to bankroll your future bets. Bet88win offers 24/7 customer support and boasts excellent reviews from customers.


Both offer knowledgeable and experienced staff to guide you to the best sites with the best odds. Punters can be sure that their money is secure as both offer state of the art security. They partner with agents such as:


A huge name in Asia, IBCBet is a registered and internationally acclaimed agent. They offer dedicated and personalized services such as placing your bets on your behalf.


They have one of the most extensive lists of sports to choose from, including live match betting. Besides keeping their customers abreast with how their bets are faring, they also let you know when funds are running low.


One of the most user-friendly agents, offering excellent sportsbook guides to cater to both newbies and high rollers. Their strong customer support team garners lots of praises and rave reviews.


Maxbet ensures the safety and security of their customers by using a 128-bit encryption. Punters can rest assured that their funds are being professionally managed and their funds and personal data are kept safe.

Sportsbook Agents vs Foreign Sites

Sportsbook agents offer higher returns and attractive bonuses to their loyal customers. They usually offer great security and amazing customer support.
Choosing foreign sites on the other hand can be tricky. Pundits are well advised to do extensive research on the security of foreign sites. You should also do a comparison on the bonuses offered.

Online Betting Guide in Malaysia

There are four ways a gambler can bet in Malaysia in the absence of proper land-based betting facilities like those available in other countries:

Online Casinos

Players can play live games against anyone in the world. Live dealers amp up the excitement and you can enjoy the thrill of the game.

Mobile Casinos

These allow you to play and access your chosen games from the comforts of your own home, on any device.

Casino Agents

These agents are your best friends who guides you to the sites with the most favourable odds with huge payouts so you can win big.

Sportsbook Agents

These are expert bookies who offer sportsbook guides and may place your bets on your behalf. They also offer live match betting.

Last Words

Online betting allows Malaysians access to all the sports and live match betting available. They can also place their bets from anywhere and on any device. There has never been a more easy and convenient way to earn some quick cash!