Magnum 4D Prize Structure – How Much Is Your Winning Ticket Worth?

The 4D prize structure depends on the type of 4D game you bet on. Magnum Berhad offers a total of 5 popular lottery games with draws that occur every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, with special draws on selected Tuesdays. These 4D games are immensely popular as players can bet as low as RM 1 to stand a chance to win millions!

In this article, we will delve into the prize structure of all the different lottery games offered by 4D Magnum, the first operator to offer lottery getting games in Malaysia. By understanding the prize structure of your bets, you will then be able to calculate the prize money for your 4D winnings.  If you are new to the 4D betting system and are unsure of how it works, we recommend reading our guide on the basics of playing 4D to prevent any errors in your first bet.

Magnum 4D Classic

The original 4-digit game, players place a bet on a set of four-digit numbers with bet amounts costing as low as RM 1. Simple to understand and easy to play, the 4D classic remains an all-time favorite among Malaysian bettors. The prize structure depends on the type of bet you place as seen below:

Straight Play, Lucky Pick, Roll Play, Permutation Play 

The following table shows the prize money for each category for every RM 1 bet. For example, if you have placed an RM 4 bet, the prize money is four times the amount. Here, the big bet denotes that you are betting that your number will match any winning number while the small bet means your numbers can only match the top 3 winning numbers. 

Prize CategoryBig Bet PayoutSmall Bet Payout
1st PrizeRM 2,500RM 3,500
2nd PrizeRM 1,000RM 2,000
3rd PrizeRM 500RM 1,000
Special PrizeRM 180
Consolation PrizeRM 60

mBox Play

In mBox bets, you win when any permutation of your 4-digit number matches one of the winning numbers. With the mBox bet, the odds of winning increases but the payouts differ based on the number of permutations as seen below:

Big BetmBox 24mBox 12mBox 6mBox 4
1st PrizeRM 105RM 209RM 417RM 625
2nd PrizeRM 42RM 84RM 167RM 250
3rd PrizeRM 21RM 42RM 84RM 125
Special PrizeRM 8RM 15RM 30RM 45
Consolation PrizeRM 3RM 5RM 10RM 15

Small BetmBox 24mBox 12mBox 6mBox 4
1st PrizeRM 146RM 292RM 584RM 875
2nd PrizeRM 84RM 167RM 334RM 500
3rd PrizeRM 42RM 84RM 167RM 250

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    4D Magnum Jackpot

    In 4D Magnum Jackpot, the game is similar to the classic 4D Magnum game but instead of betting on one set of 4-digit numbers, bettors bet on two. Both sets of 4-digit numbers must match the winning numbers to win a 4D prize. The prize structure is as follows:

    Straight Play

    This pertains to any standard bet or ordinary entry bets.

    Prize CategoryRequirementsPayout
    Jackpot 12 of the top 3 prizes Jackpot 1 (minimum RM 2,000,000)
    Jackpot 2 1 of the top 3 Prizes and 1 of the Special Prizes Jackpot 2 (minimum RM100,000) 
    3rd Prize 1 of the top 3 Prizes RM168 
    4th Prize 1 of the Special Prizes RM68 
    5th Prize 1 of the Consolation Prizes RM28 

    System Play 

    System play refers to the purchase of additional numbers for the sake of permutations using system play to increase the odds of wininng at a higher cost.

    Total Winning of Matching any

    SystemTwo of Top 3 One of Top 3 + One of Special One of Top 3 (RM) One of Special (RM) One of Consolation (RM) 
    System 3 Jackpot 1 Jackpot 2 336 136 56 
    System 4 Jackpot 1 Jackpot 2 504 204 84 
    System 5 Jackpot 1 Jackpot 2 672 272 112 
    … … … … … … 
    System 1200 Jackpot 1 Jackpot 2 201,432 81,532 33,572 

    M-System Play

    Similar to system play, m-system play is the purchase of additional numbers to increase the odds of winning but at a lower cost. Due to the lower risk of losing money, the winnings are also lower as reflected in the table below:

    If your number matches:

    M System2 of 3 top prizes1 top prize + 1 special prize1 top 3 prize 1 special prize1 consolation prize
    M 101/9 of Jackpot 11/9 of Jackpot 2RM 168RM 68RM 28
    M 111/10 of Jackpot 11/10 of Jackpot 2RM 168RM 68RM 28
    M 121/11 of Jackpot 11/11 of Jackpot 2RM 168RM 68RM 28
    M 12001/1199 of Jackpot 11/1199 of Jackpot 2RM 168RM 68RM 28

    Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold

    In this variation of the 4D game, bettors pick a 6-digit number and 2 additional numbers known as golden numbers ranging from 00 to 19. The prize money for this game is as follows:

    Straight Play

    Prize CategoryDescriptionExamplePrize Money
    Jackpot 1Match the 6 winning numbers and two golden numbers123456 + 12Jackpot 1 (minimum RM2,000,000) + Group 1 
    Jackpot 2Match first 5 numbers + Golden Numbers ORMatch last 5 numbers + Golden Numbers12345x + 12 OR x23456 + 12Jackpot 2 (minimum RM100,000) + Group 2 
    3rd prize or Group 1Match 6 numbers123456 + xxRM 100,000
    4th prize or Group 2Match first 5 numbers only ORMatch last 5 numbers only 12345x + xx OR x12345 + xxRM 3,388
    5th prize or Group 3Match first 4 numbers only ORMatch last 4 numbers only 1234xx + xx OR xx1234 + xxRM 338
    6th prize or Group 4Match first 3 numbers only ORMatch last 3 numbers only 123xxx + xx OR xxx123 + xxRM 38
    7th prize or Group 5Match first 2 numbers only ORMatch middle 2 numbers only OR Match last 2 numbers only 12xxxx + xx OR xx12xx + xx OR xxxx12 + xxRM 4


    Cost (RM) Matches 6 Numbers Drawn as Jackpot GoldMatches first 5 or last 5 Numbers of Jackpot Gold Matches first 4 or last 4 Numbers of Jackpot Gold Matches first 3 or last 3 Numbers of Jackpot Gold Matches first 2 or 2 middleor last 2 Numbers of Jackpot Gold 
    123456 12345 or 23456 1234 or 3456 123 or 456 12 or 34 or 56 
    Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 
    200,000.00 8,388.00 338.00 38.00 4.00 
    300,000.00 12,582.00 507.00 57.00 6.00 
    400,000.00 16,776.00 676.00 76.00 8.00 
    40 4,000,000.00 167,760.00 6,760.00 760.00 80.00 

    Magnum 4D Jackpot mGold

    Similar to the Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold game, the only twist is that it offers an affordable way for bettors to cover all potential 20 golden numbers at a lower cost. The prize structure is as follows:

    6-digit numberExamplePayout
    Exact match1234565% of Jackpot Gold snowball amount (minimum RM 2,000,000) + Group 1 prize (RM 100,000)
    First 5-digit or last 5-digit match12345x OR x123455% of Jackpot Gold 2 prize pool (minimum RM 100,000) + Group 2 prize (RM 3,388)
    First 4-digit or last 4-digit match1234xx OR xx1234RM 338
    First 3-digit or last 3-digit match123xxx OR xxx123RM 38
    First 2-digit, middle 2-digit, or last 2-digit match12xxxx OR xx12xx OR xxxx12RM 4

    Magnum Life

    Magnum Life is the latest game offered by Magnum 4D. This game is unique as it allows winners to win RM 1,000 daily for 20 years with a bet as low as RM 1. Here are the prizes:

    Prize CategoryRequirementsPrize Money
    Grand PrizeMatch 8 winning numbersRM 1,000 daily for 20 years
    2nd prize Match 7 winning numbers and 1 bonus numberRM 1,000 daily for 100 days
    3rd prizeMatch 7 winning numbersRM 6,000
    4th prizeMatch 6 winning numbers and 1 bonus numberRM 600
    5th prizeMatch 6 winning numbersRM 100
    6th prizeMatch 5winning numbers and 1 bonus numberRM 30
    7th prizeMatch 5 winning numbersRM 10
    8th prizeMatch 4 winning numbers and 1 bonus numberRM 5
    • If there are more than 4 Grand Prize winners, the total prize amount equivalent to four winners will be divided equally among the number of winners. 
    •  If there are more than 16 second prize winners, the total prize amount equivalent to 16 winners will be divided equally among the number of winners. 
    • The maximum payout limit for each prize category of 3rd to 8th prizes is limited to RM 5,000,000. 


    Magnum 4D has many games available to keep punters entertained. Now that you understand the prize structures for each game, you can now set your mind to winning the Jackpot prize and play 4d with more confidence!


    How is the prize money calculated?

    The prize money is calculated based on the winnings and betting unit. For example, if you win a payout of RM 100 where the minimum bet is RM 1. In this case, if you bet RM 1, you will receive RM 100. However, if you bet RM 5 on this winning bet, you will receive a payout of RM 500. 

    Magnum 4D results are available every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can also check the results of previous draws online.

    How do you calculate the probability of winning 4D?

    The probability of winning a 4D game depends on how many potential outcomes there are. The simplest to explain would be the classic Magnum 4D game where bettors place bets on a set of 4D numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999. 

    Since there are 10,000 potential combinations in this game, the probability of winning this game is 1 out of 10,000. However, there are 23 winning numbers drawn each time, raising the probability of winning to 23 out of 10,000.

    What is the difference between 4D and 3D?

    As the name suggests, 4D games refer to bets placed on a set of 4-digit numbers. Likewise, 3D games are bets placed on a set of 3-digit numbers.

    How many numbers are there in 4D?

    In the traditional or classic 4D game, there are four numbers.

    What is the prize for 4D in dollars?

    The prize for 4D in dollars depends on the currency exchange rate. If the exchange rate is $1 = RM 4, then a prize of RM 2,000 would be equivalent to RM 2,000/4 = $500.