Roulette Odds and Betting Systems – Discover Your Potential Payout!

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Learning more about roulette odds and betting systems are important if you are a fan of this classic casino game as it helps you understand how much your potential payout is with each bet. In fact, roulette enthusiasts would tell you that understanding the odds of each bet is the best way for you to get your money’s worth. 

This article explores the odds of each different roulette bet, the payouts, and the betting systems used in this game. 

Odds and Payouts in Roulette

After learning about the basics and different roulette bets in our other article, you can now learn about the odds and payouts of each bet. This will allow you to decide which is the best bet to make on the game for your play style and budget. 

Keep in mind that the house advantage, odds, and payouts may differ with different roulette variants, casinos, and online casino sites you play with. Based on the table below, you can see that French Roulette and European Roulette odds are higher due to the addition of the “00” in American Roulette. 

What are odds in roulette?

Odds in roulette denotes your chances of winning a bet. For example, the odds of winning a straight up bet is 2.70% with a payout of 35 to 1 on winning bets. You will be able to see your odds of winning and calculate your payouts based on the table below: 

Bet CategoryType of Bet Roulette PayoutsOdds of Winning (%)
Inside BetStraight-Up Bet35:135 to 135:12.702.702.60
Inside BetSplit Bet17:117 to 117:15.405.405.30
Inside BetStreet Bet11:111 to 111:
Inside BetCorner Bet8:18 to 18:110.8010.8010.50
Inside BetBasket Bet*        –  –6:1        –        –13.2
Inside BetLine Bet5:15 to 15:
Outside BetRed/Black Bet1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
Outside BetOdd / Even Bet1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
Outside BetHigh / Low Bet1:11 to 11:146.6546.6547.37
Outside BetColumn Bet2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60
Outside BetDozen Bet2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60

*The basket bet is only available in American Roulette. 

As you can see in the table above, roulette odds are calculated based on the probability that the ball lands on a number or numbers chosen. The lowest roulette payouts are often from bets with the highest odds of winning.

Based on this concept, you can surmise that the safest bets or the bets with the best odds of winning would be the red or black bet, odd or even bet, and the high or low bet. These are the most profitable bets as the chance of winning is about 48.6% in European Roulette and slightly lower in American Roulette due to the addition of the double zero (00). 

Can Roulette Odds be Improved?

Roulette is purely a game of chance and there is no roulette strategy that can beat the game mathematically. However, having a good understanding of the odds of each bet is crucial when it comes to placing your bets. Besides using roulette strategies, here are some tips to help you with your roulette game:

Choose European Roulette or French Roulette

If you can’t decide which is the best roulette variation, go for European or French roulette as both these variations have better odds of winning compared to American roulette. For other variants of the game, be sure to check out the house edge to determine if it is a good game to play. 

Opt for Outside Bets

Beginners who are new to the game and find it hard to decide on betting options, go for outside bets as they offer a higher chance of winning. Although the payout is lower, slow and steady wins the race! Stick to the table minimum to be extra safe. While it may not increase your roulette winnings significantly, it is a great way to have fun without blowing through your bankroll quickly.

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    Betting Systems in Roulette

    After understanding the different roulette odds, players may find it worthwhile to learn about the different betting systems as it can help them pace their bankroll better. Roulette betting systems differ from roulette strategies in the sense that it dictates how bettors use their bankroll, guiding players to remain steady when wagering instead of being emotional. 

    For avid gamblers, it can help them win at roulette by ensuring they make a profit. Some of the most popular betting systems for roulette include:

    Martingale System

    The Martingale system is based on the concept that you will eventually win despite a losing streak. Therefore, players are required to double their stake with each losing bet. With this betting system, the amount staked in the next spin will allow you to obtain a payout that is significant enough to at least help you break even.

    Grand Martingale System

    Similar to the Martingale system but on a larger scale, players not only double their original stake but also add an extra amount. Although more significant on the bankroll when one loses the round, the payout is also much higher when one wins. This allows players to make a quick profit so one can walk away only after a few wins.

    Reverse Martingale System or Paroli System

    The Reverse Martingale is similar but instead, players double their bets when they win, minimizing the damage in cases where they lose a hand. It is often a great strategy for most players, including beginners to roulette.

    D’Alembert System

    One of the best betting systems for beginners, the D’Alembert system offers a lower risk of losing a significant portion of the bankroll. With this system, roulette players increase their unit by one unit after a loss (as opposed to doubling their stake in the Martingale system). This makes it a safer method to make small gains.

    Fibonacci System

    Named after the Italian mathematician, the Fibonacci betting system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, and more) to determine your next stake. With each loss, your next stake should be the sum of the two stakes before. However, a win would set you back two places.

    Andrucci System

    The Andrucci betting system is a high risk approach that is best for gamblers with large budgets or when playing for free. It requires players to bet about 30 to 37 times on random even bets such as black or red, odd or even, and more. Over the duration of those bets, the player notes down which numbers appear the most and make straight bets based on the most popular numbers.



    Roulette is one of the classic casino games that is offered in casinos all over the world. Beginners to the game will find it advantageous to understand the odds, payouts, and betting systems in roulette as it helps one with making smarter bets while keeping a level head.


    What is the difference between betting on black or red in roulette?

    There is no difference between betting on either black or red as the chances of the ball landing on either color in European or French Roulette is approximately 48.6%, slightly lower in American Roulette.

    Why are roulette odds so low?

    Not all roulette odds are low. It all depends on the type of bet you are placing. For example, roulette odds are lowest in a single number bet as the probability of the ball landing in the specific pocket is 1 in 37 for European and French Roulette or 1 in 38 in American Roulette. However, if you choose to bet on outside bets such as red or black bets, the roulette odds increase dramatically to about 48.6%.

    What is the chance of a roulette wheel landing on red?

    The chance of a roulette wheel landing on red is 48.65% in European Roulette or French Roulette. However, due to the addition of the double zero (00) pocket in American Roulette, the chance drops to 47.37%.

    Are there real money games in online roulette?

    Yes, players who opt to play online roulette games can often choose between video roulette, live roulette, and free roulette games. These games function just like any other roulette game, but without a physical roulette table present. Many players prefer online roulette as the sites they play with often offer other table games as well.

    What is the difference between European Roulette and American Roulette?

    Both roulette variants are similar as they have the single zero (0) pocket. The main difference comes to the betting table layout where there is the presence of the double zero (00) in the American wheel that decreases the odds of winning. For all other variations check our guide on types of roulette games.