Roulette Strategies that can Improve Your Winning Chances

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Although roulette is mostly a game of chance, learning the different roulette strategies can increase your odds of winning. Possibly the simplest online table game to understand, this game with a history of over 300 years continues to surprise players with its depth and complexity. 

In this article, let us take a look into the different roulette strategies and which ones have been found to be the most successful over the years. 

Do Roulette Strategies Work?

Roulette is undeniably one of the most popular casino games to date, making it one of the classics alongside baccarat, blackjack, poker, and slot games. With the standard house edge of about 5.26%, it is truly a game of chance. However, roulette strategies can definitely increase your odds of winning or walking away with a profit.


Very much a grinder’s game, many players try to hedge and mitigate their losses and wait until the moment they win big. This means that not even the most successful roulette strategy will guarantee a 100% success rate. In other words, roulette is a gambling game and you should set a bankroll, pace your bets, and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Roulette Bet Types

Before delving into the popular roulette strategies, it is important to first understand the different bet types. This ensures that you know how to utilize the strategies better. 

Designation on boardTypes of BetsDescription
AStraight upBet is placed on a single number
BSplitBet is placed on two numbers
CStreetBet covers 3 numbers in the same row
DCornerBet covers 4 numbers
EBasketBet covers numbers 1, 2, 3, 0, 00
FLineBet includes 6 numbers in two rows
GColumnBet placed on 12 numbers based on columns
HDozenBet placed on 12 numbers based on dozens
ILow Bet placed on numbers 1 to 18
JHigh Bet placed on numbers 19 to 36
KRed / BlackBet covers either all red or all black numbers
LOdd / EvenBet covers either all odd or all even numbers
MZero SplitBet covers both 0 and 00

Popular Roulette Strategies

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There are many roulette strategies available that can be found online be it articles, ebooks, or even videos. Some sites even have free online roulette games that you can play to test out the strategies on. Here is a look at some popular roulette strategies:

Double Street Quad Strategy

One of the best roulette strategies, it involves the player placing two double street bets, one corner bet, and a single straight bet. Try to place the bets in a way that the single bet is not covered by double street bets or the corner bet. 

In this strategy, you place two chips on street bets, and one chip each on your quad bet and single bet. This strategy ensures that you collect a portion of winnings despite losing some chips. A strategy like this allows you to cover a large portion of the bet while ensuring your bankroll does not take as much of a hit.

Five Quad Strategy

The five quad strategy enables you to cover up to 21 numbers by placing five quad bets and an additional single bet. In the event that the straight bet is covered by one of the quad bets, you will be covering 20 numbers.

In this strategy, hitting a quad bet enables you to collect eight chips while losing four. Meanwhile, hitting a straight bet means you will win 35 chips while losing 5. This allows you to extend your bankroll and improve your chances of winning. It is a great way to “grind” by collecting small winnings while giving you the chance to win big with the straight bet.

666 Strategy

A fairly low risk but aggressive roulette strategy, the 666 strategy involves players covering the field as much as possible to decrease the dent in bankroll. A standard roulette wheel is known as the Devil’s Wheel as all the numbers on it add up to 666. In the 666 strategy, you will be able to cover every number except for 4 numbers.

For convenience’s sake, we will be using bet units of 1 when explaining the 666 strategy below:

Step 1 – Place a bet of 36 on black or red. These are outside bets that pay 1:1.

Step 2 – Place a bet of 4 on split bets on the numbers below. Split bets pay 17:1

  • 0 and 2
  • 8 and 11
  • 10 and 13
  • 17 and 20
  • 26 and 29
  • 28 and 31

Step 3 – Place a bet of 2 on 3 of the remaining 7 numbers that are not covered by the other bets. This leaves four remaining numbers that are not covered by any of your bets. 

In total, you would have placed a bet of 66 on all numbers except for four, increasing your odds of winning big through the straight bets or taking a smaller loss and extending your bankroll. This allows you to play or grind longer until you win a larger amount. 

24 + 8 Strategy

Brilliant for players with smaller bankrolls and those who prefer to grind, the 24+8 strategy offers around a 90% chance of not losing on every bet. It is a grinding strategy as you will need to win 5 times to recoup one original bet. Like the previous strategies discussed above, this cover all method helps to extend your bankroll by minimizing the impact of losing. 

All that is required is to place 10 units on the 2 out of 3 of the outside dozen bets. Then, you choose 10 numbers within the last dozen and place single unit bets. This leaves two uncovered numbers and the 0 on European roulette tables along with the 00 on American roulette tables.

James Bond Strategy

If you think that the name Ian Fleming sounds familiar, that is because the James Bond was designed by none other than the father of the James Bond franchise.

According to Ian Fleming, you should make the same bet each round with:

  • 14 units on numbers 19 to 36
  • 5 units on numbers 13 to 18
  • 10 units on 0

This strategy is best for gamblers who do not plan on playing roulette for an extended duration. It guarantees a win about 66.7% of the time. However, the 33.3% chance of loss can quickly deplete your bankroll, making it a good option for players who will only be spending a short time at the roulette table. 

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    Roulette Progressive Betting Systems

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    Although cover-all betting strategies allow the player to spread the risk across the table, it carries a significant risk. The player will need to bet a huge amount per spin and risk not winning enough to gain back their bankroll. 

    Besides roulette betting strategies, there are also betting systems that guide players to remain steady in their bets. Some of the roulette betting systems often recommended include:

    Martingale System

    Often said to be the most successful roulette strategy, the Martingale betting strategy is based on the idea that you will eventually win. The rules for it are simple: each time you lose a hand, you should double your bet. Despite being a losing streak, you will eventually win and obtain a payout that is significant enough to break even.

    Reverse Martingale System

    The reverse Martingale or Paroli system is similar to the original Martingale strategy but in reverse. Therefore, the player doubles their bet when they win. This minimizes the damage when you lose your bankroll. This makes it a good betting strategy for most players.

    D’Alembert System

    The D’ Alembert system is a great option for beginners as it offers a lower risk of losing a significant amount of your bankroll. In this method, roulette players increase their bets by one unit after a loss. It makes it a safer way to make incremental gains and works best when you are looking for a safer strategy.

    Fibonacci System

    Named after the famous Fibonacci numbers, this system is therefore based on the Fibonacci sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc. With each loss, players progress to place bets based on the next number in the sequence. However, this betting system is best placed on red / black or odd / even bets as it offers a better chance of winning. Using this system on inside bets may be too risky.

    Labouchere System

    A great system for players who are good with numbers, the Labouchere system is a more complex strategy that changes depending if you win or lose. It is based on the amount of money you wish to win, split into several bets. You then combine the furthest left and right numbers to make your first bet on a red / black or odd / even bet. This is repeated until you win.


    What is the roulette strategy that can get you rich?

    There is no roulette strategy that is guaranteed to get you rich. Since roulette is a game of chance, this game is based on luck. However, the use of roulette strategies can help you decrease your losses, increase your odds of winning, and improve the odds of you walking away with a profit.


    What is the best bet to make in roulette?

    The best bet to make in a game of roulette is those that offer the best chance of winning. This includes the odd / even or red / black bet. Since it offers the best odds, the payout is understandably lower at 1:1.

    What number hits the most in roulette?

    If you ask any croupier, they will say that the number that hits the most is 17 as this number has been at the center of staggering historical roulette wins. Its popularity started based on its position being in the middle of the roulette layout. The number 7 is also thought to be one of the most commonly hit on number. This is most likely due to many cultures considering it being a lucky number.

    What is the best strategy to use when betting on roulette?

    The best strategy to use when betting on roulette is the one that you feel most comfortable with in terms of bankroll and play style. This includes instances where you play in an online casino or physical casino.

    What are the odds of winning in roulette?

    The odds of winning in roulette depends on your bet. The best way to explain it would in the chart below:

    Bet Payout Probability / Odds of Winning
    Red / Black 1:1 47.37%
    Odd / Even 1:1 47.37%
    Low (1-18) / High (19-36) 1:1 47.37%
    Dozens (1-12 / 13-24 / 25-36) 2:1 31.58%
    Line (6 numbers) 5:1 15.79%
    First 5 (5 numbers) 6:1 13.16%
    Corner (4 numbers) 8:1 10.53%
    Street (3 numbers) 11:1 7.89%
    Split (2 numbers) 17:1 5.26%
    Straight up (1 number) 35:1 2.63%