Top 10 Online Roulette Casinos in Malaysia

Playing online roulette in Malaysia is a great option if you are a roulette fan who lives too far away to make the trip to Sky Casino in Genting Highlands. With its many benefits compared to roulette at a traditional land-based casino, this article highlights the best online roulette sites, rules, and strategies of the game. 

Best Online Roulette Casinos

When choosing the best casino to play online roulette on, consider if the casino site is legitimate, the bonuses they offer, customer support services, and the different variations available for roulette games. Without further ado, here are the top online roulette casinos in Malaysia:

Ten188 Casino
/ 5.0
10 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 1188
BK8 Casino
/ 5.0
25-60 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 300
22Bet Casino
/ 5.0
15 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
1xBet Casino
/ 5.0
Up to 2 Days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 500
Empire777 Casino
/ 5.0
10 minutes to 4 hours
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
Up to 77 USD
MelBet Casino
/ 5.0
5 minutes to 7 days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
Dafabet Casino
/ 5.0
1-4 Days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 480
K9Win Casino
/ 5.0
5-15 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 688

Choosing The Top Online Roulette Casinos

When it comes to choosing the top online roulette casinos, always be sure to choose licensed and legitimate operators as your safety is of the utmost importance. Besides that, there are several factors to take into account based on how it would affect your gaming experience. Some of it includes:


Roulette Varieties

If you are an avid roulette fan, choose an online casino that has many different varieties of roulette games to keep you entertained. Besides traditional variants such as European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette, you can also look for operators that offer roulette games with exciting twists and side bets. Live roulette games are also available.

The Casino

Gaming Providers

Look for online operators that offer premium roulette games from reputable gaming providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and more. This means that the roulette games you will play are high quality games that offer a better gaming experience. It also ensures that the games are tested regularly for a fair and safe gaming environment.


Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions not only stretch your bankroll, it also makes your games more exciting. However, not all operators offer bonuses for roulette games, so make sure to read the terms and conditions before you decide to join the platform.

Playing Online Roulette: Free Vs Real Money

Free and real money roulette ar similar but there are several differences that you should know:

Free Roulette

Free online roulette games are very convenient as they often do not need any downloads or signups. If you are already a member, you can also switch your game to free play mode. There are many advantages to playing online roulette for free such as having no financial risk, being able to experiment with unusual bets, testing new strategies to see if it works, trying new roulette variations without losing money, and playing for as long as you like without having to worry about your bankroll.

Real Money Roulette

Compared to free roulette, playing with real money gives you the chance to win real prizes. You also have access to more roulette games including live roulette which offers you a more authentic casino experience. Additionally, real money roulette also means that you can benefit from the generous welcome bonus and other promotions.

Popular Roulette Variations

There are many popular online roulette variations available. While some of these are traditional variants of the game, there are also more innovative types of roulette to keep fans entertained. 

Roulette TypeDescription
European RouletteEasily the most popular variant of roulette, European roulette is considered a traditional variant played on a wheel with 37 pockets including the 0 pocket. 
American RouletteRanking second in popularity, American roulette is a traditional variant played on a wheel with 38 pockets due to the additional 00 pocket.
French RouletteBearing a close resemblance to European roulette, the French roulette is another traditional variant played on a standard single 0 wheel.
Roulette RoyaleCourtesy of Microgaming, Roulette Royale is one of the most enticing roulette variations played on a standard European wheel with 37 pockets. 
3D RouletteDeveloped by Playtech, this 3D roulette ramps up the excitement with amazing graphics that have unparalleled visual depth and sound effects.
Astro RoulettePowered by 1×2 Gaming, Astro Roulette is an exciting version of roulette that is played on a 36-pocket wheel covered by 12 zodiac signs and one infinity sign.
Multi Wheel RouletteLike its name suggests, multi wheel roulette is a roulette game played using six separate wheels.
Mini RouletteUsing the same rules and principles, mini roulette is a variant using a smaller wheel and fewer numbers.
Double Ball RouletteOffered by Eevolution Gaming, the Double Ball Roulette is a popular variation available in both 0 and 00 formats.
Pinball RouletteDesigned by Ash Gaming, Pinball roulette has the same rules but the roulette wheel is replaced by a pinball machine. 
Triple Bonus Spin RouletteOffered by IGT, the Triple Bonus Spin Roulette is massively popular due to the extra twists incorporated into the gameplay such as an additional 000 pocket.
Ra RouletteAn enthralling live roulette game, Ra Roulette adheres to European roulette rules and allows players to customize audio, graphics, information, and statistics. 
Lightning RouletteThis version of live roulette is offered by Evolution Gaming where the gameplay is spiced up with the addition of randomly generated lucky numbers.
Slingshot RouletteEvolution Gaming’s Slingshot Roulette is an automated live roulette game played using two jets of air on the wheel to push and launch the ball.
Image credits : Pexels

Online Roulette Vs Traditional Roulette

Land-based casinos have been offering roulette games for decades. As online casino games become more accessible, Malaysian players will soon find that online roulette is similar to physical roulette games but with more benefits.


Compared to land-based roulette games, playing roulette online offers convenience, bigger bonuses, lower stakes, more variety, and access to free play mode. While online roulette may not offer the casino atmosphere often sought by punters, this can be easily remedied by playing live roulette games that offer a more authentic experience.

Video Roulette Vs Live Roulette

Video roulette or electronic roulette are similar to online slot games. It uses the same rules and principles but the key difference is that there is no dealer to host the game and operate the wheel. Video roulette outcomes are based on random number generation (RNG) algorithms. Due to its lower overhead costs, the minimum bets per round are often smaller and it allows you to control the betting pace. 

In comparison, live roulette is hosted by a professional human dealer streaming from a casino studio in real time, allowing it to replicate the traditional casino atmosphere often sought by many avid gamblers. Live dealer games also have a social aspect where you can interact with both dealers and players. 

The Effect of Zero Pockets on House Edge

Before making your first bet on a roulette game, you should consider the RTP and house edge. Representing the average long term profit of the casino from the game, this is the advantage the casino gets by adjusting the payouts. In roulette, the zero pocket is what gives the house its edge. 


Without it, the player and casino would be even. This means that there would be no benefit for the casino to hold roulette games.

With 18 red, odd, and high numbers and 18 black, even, and low numbers, probability-wise, the chances of winning a red number is equal to that of a black number. 

However, the presence of the 0 pocket disturbs the equilibrium as it is green and does not fall into any category, shifting things slightly in the casino’s favor. This means the addition of a 00 pocket doubles the house edge to 5.26%.

Additionally, French Roulette games with La Partage rules offsets the negative impact of the zeros, reducing the house advantage from 2.70% to 1.35%. This is also the reason why French Roulette and European Roulette games are more popular than American Roulette that has the presence of a 00 pocket. 


Roulette Rules & How To Play

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to understand, as it concludes our guide on how to play roulette . As mentioned above, there are several variants of roulette. To start playing:

  1. Find a Table – Once you have identified the game you want to play, find a table based on your requirements such as aesthetics, wagering requirements, or pace. 
  2. Place Your Bet – Once ready, you can place your bets. Make sure to use the table layout to the full potential as placing the right bet at the right time can greatly increase your odds of winning. 
  3. Dealer Spins The Wheel – The dealer then closes the bets, spins the wheel, and tosses the ball in the opposite direction. Whichever pocket the ball lands in is the winning number. 
  4. Settling Bets – The dealer then announces the winners and settles the bets while other players prepare for the next round of the game.

How to Bet Effectively with Online Roulettes

Like all gambling games, there is no guarantee of winning when playing online roulette. However, there are some tips and strategies that may just tip the odds more in your favor:

  • Choice of Game – If you have been paying attention to the article, you will already know that the best roulette games to play are European Roulette and French Roulette due to the lower house edge. 
  • Outside Bets – Players who want regular wins will benefit from betting on outside bets as wagering on a group instead of specific numbers increases your odds of winning. 
  • Budget – No matter the game, it is important to set a budget before you start playing as this is part of managing your bankroll. Remember to take regular breaks as well.
  • Free to Play – If free online roulette is an option, try the free games out first as this helps you to fully understand the rules and gameplay. Once confident, you can start playing for real money. 
  • Combination Bets – Players who insist on making inside bets can try combination bets. This is where a beet is placed on a group of numbers. Although it costs more, it will deliver larger payouts when successful. 

Roulette Betting Strategies

Roulette betting strategies determine how you play. Some are more aggressive and require a larger bankroll while others tend to be more conservative but ensure more regular wins. Here are some of the best roulette strategies:

D’Alembert Strategy

This is a simple way where players increase their betting unit by one if they lose and decrease their betting unit by one if they win. In roulette, this strategy could even out your bets, but bankroll management is still required.

Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

As the name suggests, this strategy is a twist on the original where players increase their bets if they win and decrease their bets if they lose. Players choose their units and increase or decrease bets one unit at a time.

Paroli Strategy

In the Paroli system, players keep the same stake if losing the round and doubling the stake if winning. Known as positive progression staking, the aim is to double your stake for three winning rounds before returning to the starting bet.

Martingale Strategy

This roulette betting system is based on recovering losses by doubling your wager with every losing bet. This means that when you win, you will recover the previous bet along with the gain of a small profit.

Labouchere Strategy

One of the more complex strategies, the Labouchere strategy is great for players who are good with numbers. Based on a cancellation system created in the 19th century, it is still utilized by roulette players to this day.

Andrucci Strategy

The Andrucci strategy is a high risk approach that is recommended only for players with large budgets. Depending on the idea that roulette is a game of chance, it is based on the concept that numbers will have phases where they appear more regularly.

Fibonacci Strategy

Using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers of 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etcetera, the next bet is a sum of the two previous numbers. With each loss, you progress to the next number while with each win, you move back two numbers.

Roulette Bet Types and Odds

In roulette, bets can be divided into inside and outside bets. 

Inside Bets

Inside bets are wagers made on the inside of the rectangle where all the numbers are. 

Bet NameDefinitionOdds (European)Odds (American)Payouts
Straight upBet on a single number2.7%2.6%35:1
SplitBet on two vertical or horizontal adjacent numbers5.4%5.3%17:1
StreetBet on three consecutive numbers horizontally8.1%7.9%11:1
CornerBet on four corners meeting in one corner10.8%10.5%8:1
LineBet on two sets of three consecutive numbers horizontally16.2%15.8%5:1

Outside Bets

These are bets that are made on the perimeter of the roulette table. They consists\ of groups of numbers or colors.

Bet NameDefinitionOdds (European)Odds (American)Payouts
ColumnBet on entire column32.4%31.6%2:1
DozenBet on 12 numbers32.4%31.6%2:1
Red or BlackBet on all red or all black numbers48.6%47.4%1:1
Even or OddBet on all even or all odd numbers48.6%47.4%1:1
Low or HighBet on low (1-18) or high (19-36)48.6%47.4%1:1


Online roulette is an exciting game loved by players across the world. When playing real money roulette, be sure to choose a licensed and legitimate site from our recommended list as this gives you access to not only a safe, but also enjoyable gaming experience.


Are Online Roulette Games Fair?

Yes, online roulette games no matter electronic or live versions are fair as long as you choose to play with a real casino that is licensed and regulated. These trusted online operators offer premium roulette games offered by renowned gaming providers. Their games are also independently tested by a regulating body such as BMM Testlabs and eCOGRA to ensure a fair and transparent online gambling environment.

What Is The Best App For Roulette?

From our list of recommended casinos for online roulette, there are some operators such as Ten188 that have an app that features the games on the platform including roulette. All of the platforms we recommend are trusted brands that offer fair odds on roulette games. For the best chance to win, try roulette games with a lower house edge such as European Roulette or French Roulette.

Can You Make Money Playing Online Roulette?

Yes, there is a possibility of winning, but like all gambling games, roulette is a game of chance. This means that there are no guarantees of winning. This is why we recommend only betting what you can afford, setting limits, and managing your bankroll. If you have trouble walking away from a game, check out our article on Responsible Gaming and how you can seek help.

What is the minimum bet for online roulette?

The minimum bet for online roulette depends on the table and operator you choose to play with. Generally, video roulette games have a lower minimum bet compared to live roulette games due to the lower overhead.

What is the best online roulette site in Malaysia?

The best online roulette sites are those that we have recommended above. These sites are licensed and legitimate, ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment. We have also taken into consideration factors such as roulette variations, bonuses, and more that enhance your gaming experience. If you are a fan of roulette as well as other casino games, check out our best online casinos in Malaysia 2023.

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