Top 8 Online Slots Options In Malaysia for 2023 

Online slots in Malaysia are loved for the same reasons why it is famous all over the world, largely due to its simplicity and exciting gameplay. Essentially a game of chance, slot games are the most popular casino game in a casino, often serving as the main attraction. Since physical slot machines are only available at SkyCasino in Genting Highlands, here are some of the best online casinos for slot games in Malaysia. 

Best Online Slots Platforms

Ten188 Casino
/ 5.0
10 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 1188
22Bet Casino
/ 5.0
15 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
King Billy
/ 5.0
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
/ 5.0
10-30 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
140 EUR
1xBet Casino
/ 5.0
Up to 2 Days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 500
BK8 Casino
/ 5.0
25-60 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 300
Empire777 Casino
/ 5.0
10 minutes to 4 hours
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
Up to 77 USD

How To Choose The Best Online Slots Casinos

As technology advances, many casinos have moved on to offering online casino services. Combined with the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online casino games have surged. With so many online casino sites available, how do you choose the best online casinos for slot games? Here are some factors to consider:


Slots Promotions

Online casinos are known for their generous bonuses and promotions such as welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, free spins, or free credits, it is important to read through the terms and conditions to ensure that these incentives apply to the games that you want to play. You can also take advantage of loyalty programs if available.

The Casino

Slot Variations

There are a wide variety of slot games available. Some online operators offer slot games only from certain gaming providers while others have more variations. If you are after specific slot games, remember to check out the different online casinos to ensure that they have your favorite games.



Although slots are mostly a solo game, there are some online casinos that offer slot tournaments, making your gaming experience all the more exciting. Tournaments are a great way to win extra prizes as you play slot games.

Free Vs Real Money Online Slots

While you are playing the same games with free or real money slots, there are some differences such as:

Free Online Slots

Playing free online slots means that you have the opportunity to experience the game without having to commit your funds. It also allows players to test out the slot game or any strategies they may have to see if they would like to go ahead with playing the game using real money.

Real Money Slots

Real money slots are undoubtedly more thrilling as it involves the risk of potentially losing or winning money. With real money slots, you also gain access to the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino. 

Types of Online Slots

Before delving into the most popular slot games on the market, here is a look into the common categories of online slots:

Multi-Line Slots

Multi-line slots are slot games that you can bet on one or more paylines. With some games offering more than 1000 pay lines, players can choose their bet and the number of lines they want to bet on. Traditional fruit machines would have a single line across the middle while more complex games may have more lines. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are similar to normal slot games but with the additional chance to win big as it includes a random reward that can be paid out to one lucky winner. The prize can amount to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. 

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    Choosing Slot Games

    When choosing a slot game, there are many factors to consider besides just fun and excitement. Here are some features to take into consideration when ranking the best slot games:

    Bonus Rounds

    Online slot games thrive on bonus rounds as they make the game even more enticing and fun. These bonus rounds can blow you away when combined with the advanced graphics and free spin features.


    Most slot games rely on advanced graphics to make your gaming experience more immersive. While starting with basic pictures, slots have since evolved to the jaw dropping graphics found on mobile games. 


    Many slot fans love the exciting sound effects and music that complements the visuals as it draws you in to create a more immersive and engaging gaming experience. Although some music can be repetitive, there are some slot games with great music. 


    Everyone has their own preferences. This applies to slot games too. While some Malaysian players prefer a slower paced slot game, there are others who prefer a quick and fluid game.


    Last but not least, gameplay is one of the most important factors when considering a slot game. No matter how great the game looks, if it is not fun, it is not enjoyable! To offer a great gaming experience, software developers consider factors such as bonuses, graphics, music, and more.

    Popular Online Slots 

    Now that you understand what to look for in a slot game, you can choose one to start with. With thousands of slot games on the market, you are bound to have your favorites. If you are new to online slot games, here are some popular slots that you can try:

    sugar pop

    Sugar Pop

    Designed by Betsoft, Sugar Pop is a slot game that incorporates social gaming elements. Combined with more fire on the reels and more chances of winning, players who progress through the game gains access to more treats. With an RTP of 97.70%, players have a great chance of winning.



    Paying homage to Empress Wa from local Chinese legends, this game draws on the rich mythology of Chinese culture to bring a game featuring great graphics, calming sound effects, and relaxing music. It has a 98% RTP.



    Developed by NetEnt, Starburst is a slot game that has maintained steadily on the top spot of the world’s favorite online slot games. With colors and themes that are exciting and fun, it is basically the Candy Crush of online slots.

    mega moolah

    Mega Moolah

    An extremely popular progressive jackpot slot game, Mega Moolah is well-loved by avid slot fans all over the world. There are no shortages in mouthwatering prizes in this game as it offers a mini, minor, major, and Mega jackpot.

    boof of ra

    Book of Ra

    Another popular game over the years, Book of Ra is a slot game with an Egyptian theme. It is one of the most played video slots in casinos all over the world and its popularity has continued online as players wager to win up to 5,000 times their stake.

    gonzo's quest

    Gonzo’s Quest

    If you love slots, you should be no stranger to Gonzo’s Quest as it is a well-known slot game where Gonzo, a conquistador goes on a hunt for treasure across the new world. Offered by NetEnt, it remains a favorite throughout the years and has an RTP of 96%.

    Online Slot Game Providers

    Players can attribute their great gaming experience to reputable online slot software providers who aim to bring top quality games. In Malaysia, some of the best gaming providers for slot games include:



    With a company philosophy of delivering the best experience for their clients, 918Kiss was able to deliver some of the best slot games in the industry that has superior gameplay and quality assurance.

    asia gaming logo

    Asia Gaming

    Specializing in providing localized gaming services, Asia Gaming is a leader in Asian slot games, offering great services and games for players in Asia. This brand mainly offers products that have a strong focus on the local culture.



    With some of the most popular slot games such as FAFAFA, Double Feature, Lucky Cai Shen, and more, Spadegaming has reeled in most of the Asian gamblers online. Being focused on Asia, their games are developed with a strong focus on Chinese culture.



    One of the most reputable software providers in Asia, they are able to provide amazing content designed for both hardcore and casual gamers. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality games to bring the best gaming experience.


    SA Gaming

    A software provider, innovator, and developer, SA Gaming is determined to be the future of gaming through the emphasis on gaming mechanics, graphics, and game flow. Offering quality slot games on the market, SA Gaming is a leader in the industry.



    Playtech has been a significant presence in the online gambling industry for many years, bringing highly innovative products, software, and content solutions. With a strong grip on the industry, Playtech brings some of the best slot games to the market.

    How To Play Online Slots

    Online slots are similar to classic slot machines at land-based casinos. The aim of slot games is relatively simple. All that is If you are new to slot games, here are some basics you should understand about the game.

    Pay Lines

    Pay lines refer to the winning lines on the slot game and determines the payout you will receive depending on the winning combination. Your bet will determine the number of pay lines activated. The more pay lines you choose to activate, the higher your bet. 

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols are present on some slot games and are considered winning symbols. Equivalent to the joker in a pack of cards, it acts as a substitute for a symbol to complete a winning combination. 

    Scatter Symbols

    Scatter symbols give players varying outcomes such as bonus rounds, free spins, and coin prizes. They can be used in games to generate a multiplier that doubles or triples your winnings. 


    Multipliers are reward symbols that increase your winnings. Ranging from x2 to x25, you can easily double your winnings or have it 25 times more!

    Return To Player (RTP)

    In slot games, the RTP is the amount players can expect to win from their bets. For example, a slot game with an RTP of 95%, you can expect to receive 0.95 back for every 1 bet. 

    Hit Frequency

    The hit frequency depends on the RTP and represents the percentage of reels having a winning combination. For example, a 25% hit frequency means you will get a winning combination every four spins. 

    Betting on Slot Games

    After understanding the basics of slot games, you can now start to place your bets on your favorite slots.

    • Bet – Start by deciding how much you want to bet for each spin. The bigger your bet, the more paylines are activated, the higher your chances of winning. 
    • Spin – Once you have decided, all that is needed is for you to click “play” or “spin” to get the reels moving. Autoplay is another option available. 
    • Results – Once the reels stop moving, the game will determine if you are a winner and compensate you accordingly. You can then move on to the next round.

    Online Slots Tips

    Slot games, more than any other casino game, are purely dependent on luck and chance. Highly exciting, these games can have varying fun themes and large jackpot amounts, making it easy to be addicted to the game. Although the saying goes “the house always wins”, there are some tips that can improve your odds of winning or making a profit. 

    Slot Payouts

    Before you start on a slot game, do your research and look for reviews to learn more about the different payouts. Although this information may not be readily available, you can acquire it from regular players. The RTP for online slots can start from as low as 80% to as high as 98%, so be sure to pick a game with higher RTP to increase your odds of winning.

    Bankroll Management

    Slot games are truly hypnotizing, making players easily lose track of time and their bankroll. Before you start playing, set an amount that you can afford to lose. You can also determine when to stop such as stopping once you have tripled or losing your bankroll. This is all part of responsible gaming.

    Don’t Bet Your Winnings

    Like other gambling games, slot games are never a guaranteed win. If you are lucky enough to have made a profit, pocket it without adding it to your bankroll. This ensures that you do not go back empty handed.



    Online slot games are a great way to stay entertained while standing a chance to win some real money. You can start playing your favorite slots in any of the mobile casino sites recommended above as they are licensed, legitimate, and offer an excellent gaming experience.


    Is Online Gambling Legal In Malaysia?

    Yes, based on a High Court ruling in Malaysia that said that online gambling is “technically not illegal” due to the outdated gambling laws in the country, online gambling is still considered legal in Malaysia.

    What Is The Best Online Slot Website?

    The best sites are those that are licensed and legitimate as they ensure the player’s safety and security. This means that the games are also fair and transparent, making the gaming experience more enjoyable. 

    Our list of recommended best sites for online slots above all fit the criteria. If you also love other live casino games such as baccarat or roulette, be sure to check out our article on best online casinos in Malaysia 2023. We also have an article on best sports betting websites.

    Can You Win Real Money With Online Slots?

    Yes, you can win real money with online casino slots. To do so, you have to play with real money , choose a legitimate online casino, and increase your odds of winning by choosing slot games with a higher RTP. You can also download Malaysian mobile casino apps on your smartphone or mobile devices suitable for both Android and iOS users.

    What Is The Most Popular Online Slot Game?

    With thousands of slot games available, there are many popular online slot games. Most are from reputable gaming providers such as PlayTech, NetEnt, etcetera. Some of the most popular online slot games include Book of the Dead, Book of Ra, Mega Moolah, and more.

    How Do Online Slot Games Work?

    Online slot games work just like slot games you play at a land-based or physical casino. You start by placing your bet, choosing your paylines, and spinning the reel to see if you hit a winning combination. If you do, you are compensated accordingly. If not, you can try again in the next round.

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