Rules and Tips to Play Keno for Beginners

Rules and Tips to Play Keno for Beginners

Playing Keno requires strategy and wits. It was originally from China before spreading to the west. Many claim that its true nature lies in luck rather than anything else.

What is Keno?

Keno is a game of numbers. A player selects their numbers and bets that these will show up in the drawn random sequence.

If they’re right, then winnings are theirs! It’s simple but does involve some technicalities with rules to adhere to, as this article will show.

Where to play Keno

  • Physically, you can play at a casino or a Keno lounge. The game is played by spinning an oval container and selecting numbers from 1 through 20 until you have 10, 15, or 20 drawings for each selection.

NB: We’ll use 10 numbers for each player selection

  • You can also play Keno in online casinos, betting websites, or apps.

You would play with virtual numbered balls or just numbers and not exactly virtual balls. After selecting random 10 numbers, you could bet on them, just like in a casino.

How to Play.

You start the game by betting on 10 random numbers in a selection ranging from 1 to 80.

They then draw numbers. Depending on how many you got right, you can win a payout.

The payouts and betting rules vary, so you must know how the casino works. Casinos choose what numbers will appear in one draw to consider winning a prize. They may also dictate how much money or prizes are up for grabs at any given time.

This process marks an endpoint after which winners can be announced.

Rules and Tips for Beginners.

As with all casino games, Keno is also entirely a chance-based game.

You need to be familiar with the casino’s rules and payout for a win. Some casinos offer more payouts than others, though.

The good news is that you always have a chance of winning, as math lovers have discovered that they are 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 possible combinations in a game of Keno.

Keno can be a great way to have fun and even save money! We have prepared a few tips to help you find that winning streak. Remember, they will not put you on a magical winning streak, but they will definitely help you!

5      Practical tips for beginners

  1. The best way to maximize your chances of winning is by placing several bets with varying amounts and currencies. Still, you should ensure that you have enough money before proceeding. The higher the bet amount, the better chance for success.


  1. Place consistent bets. Planning ahead is vital! You need consistency and rationality during gameplay and not gamble excessively.


  1. Planning also helps you manage your anxiety. You stay safe, knowing that if any play does go wrong, you’ll be fine.


  1. When choosing your random numbers, make sure they are in pairs and not just an assortment of ones or twos. This is what many online Keno platforms tend to select as well! Plus, you’re more likely to get one (or maybe two) drawn from that grouping than if there were an unrelated selection made by chance alone.


  1. A good strategy is to always bet on fewer numbers. The winnings are typically less compared with higher numbers. But, chances of winning can be better if you have a specific amount in mind for your bets and how much risk each potential payoff merits.

If you wish to bet on many numbers, have a strategy for making the increments based on your money. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.


  1. Keno games with bonus rounds can be a great way to enjoy free spins, and the odds of winning are usually low. Plus, it’s at no cost!

Final Thoughts

Keno is a fun and exciting game. The thrill of almost winning makes for great entertainment each time. But it’s even better when you win those little bets too!

There are no guarantees in Keno—the odds aren’t unbeatable–but playing smarter can put your name atop the list of winners at any given time.