Top 10 Tennis Betting Sites Malaysia – The Complete Betting Guide 2023

With near daily matches and Grand Slam tournaments, tennis betting in Malaysia has taken off throughout the years. As tennis betting is a growing market, there are more online sportsbooks that are offering betting options. 

This article highlights the best tennis betting sites for Malaysian players, basics, tips, and strategies on how you can win your bets. 

Best Tennis Betting Sites in Malaysia

Ten188 Casino
/ 5.0
10 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 1188
Dafabet Casino
/ 5.0
1-4 Days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 480
22Bet Casino
/ 5.0
15 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
/ 5.0
10-30 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
USD 1500
BK8 Casino
/ 5.0
25-60 minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 300
AW8 Casino
/ 5.0
25-60 Minutes
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 800
1xBet Casino
/ 5.0
Up to 2 Days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus
MYR 500
MelBet Casino
/ 5.0
5 minutes to 7 days
Payment Approval Time
Welcome Bonus

Choosing The Best Tennis Betting Sites

When it comes to choosing the best bookmakers for tennis betting, here are some elements we have taken into consideration:


Security & Safety

Undoubtedly the most important feature of any betting site, you should choose a site that is licensed and legitimate as this guarantees the safety and security of your funds and personal information. SSL encryption on the site is also recommended.

The Casino

Betting Markets

Having a wide variety of betting markets ensures that you have plenty of options, events, and tournaments to bet on. If you are interested in local competitions such as the ITF in Kuala Lumpur, be sure to choose a sportsbook that offers betting on local events.

Tennis Live Betting

Live Betting

Avid tennis fans should go with bookmakers that offer live betting as it is one of the most exciting ways as it provides a thrilling experience while improving your odds of winning. It allows players to take advantage of opportunities that may appear during the match.

Tennis Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streams are another perk that offers players the opportunity to watch matches in real time while making in play bets. This is important as not all matches are available on TV or online, making it difficult to make live bets.


Betting Odds

Choose several bookies with good betting odds instead of going with one operator. This allows you to choose a sportsbook with the best odds at the moment to maximize your winnings when you win your bet.


Bonuses & Promos

Although tennis may not be as popular as football betting, bettors can still expect generous welcome bonuses or first deposit bonuses from online sportsbooks for new members. Promos for existing members such as cashbacks and free bets also keep things interesting.


Mobile Apps

Despite the myriad of online betting sites that can be accessed using most mobile devices, not all sportsbooks offer mobile apps. If you are looking for ease of navigation, choose an operator that offers a betting app compatible with Android or iOS platforms.


Payment Methods

Malaysian players should opt for providers who offer a wide range of payment options including credit cards or debit cards such as Visa or Mastercard; e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill; bank transfers; and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Customer Service

While it may seem trivial, excellent customer support is crucial and hard to come by. Choose a site that offers support through many channels such as live chat, email, phone, and more. This helps you to avoid long waits and unhelpful responses if you face an issue.

Different Bet Types for Online Tennis Betting

There are a wide variety of different bet types when it comes to tennis betting. This section takes a look at some of the most popular bets available.

  • To Win Match – One of the simplest and best bets even for beginners, punters wager on the predicted winner of a match. It is similar to moneyline betting but this bet may be available in play for live betting.
  • Total Games – In this bet, punters bet on the total number of games played during a match for a single player. Some sites also offer bets on a single set of total games.
  • Set Props- Set props bets are where punters can bet on multiple outcomes such as first set player to break a server, first set winner, first set score, and more. Live betting for this bet is usually available. 
  • Game Props – Players play a minimum of six games per set. In this bet, punters wager on a wide range of props such as first set total, total games two ways, and more for a lucrative payout.
  • Futures Bet – Futures bets in tennis are long term bets that lead to bigger rewards. This bet can be placed on placements, tournament winners, and more. 

Popular Tennis Events to Bet On

In tennis, there are many major events throughout the calendar year. The Grand Slam refers to four major tennis tournaments – the most important annually in terms of ranking points, prize money, strength, and media coverage. For men’s titles, players have to win the best of five sets, making them the most physically demanding tournaments on the ATP Tour schedule. They include:

Australian Open Logo

Australian Open

Starting in late January in Melbourne, Australia, the Australian Open is played on a hard court with a retractable roof in case of extreme weather conditions. Novak Djokovic won the 2022 title.

French Open Logo

French Open

Also known as the Roland-Garros, the French Open is held late May annually in Paris, France. Played on a clay court, the game is played at a slower pace. Novak Djokovic holds the men’s singles title.

Wimbledon Logo


One of the oldest tennis tournaments globally, Wimbledon or The Championships is one of the most prestigious titles played on a grass court. It is usually held between late June and early July.

US Open Logo

US Open

The final Grand Slam of the year, the US Open is held in New York City, usually coinciding with the US Labor Day. It is played on a hard court, causing the tennis ball to have the highest bounce.

WTA Finals Logo

WTA Finals

Besides the Grand Slams, the WTA Finals is a tournament of the Women’s Tennis Association played annually at the end of the season. It has the largest prize money and ranking points after the majors.

Tennis Betting Tips & Strategies

No matter if you are a beginner or veteran in tennis betting, here are some tips and strategies that can help improve your odds of winning.

Playing Surface

The playing surface or type of court is one of the most important factors in tennis. There are very few players who are at their best on all types of surfaces. As mentioned above, the Australian Open and US Open are played on a hard court, the Wimbledon on a grass court, and the French Open on a clay court. This affects each players’ play style.

Spot Bets

Tennis is a game that relies heavily on the player’s mental aspect. When placing your bet, be alert for the player’s mindset especially following a major upset or victory. Scheduling is also crucial as players who go through qualifying rounds may be more warmed up than opponents who gain automatic entry. Account for physical and mental fatigue as well.

Trends & History

Rankings and recent are not significant. Instead, tennis is a sport where playing styles are more critical. Each player has their own weaknesses and strengths. Study past results and look at head to head history to learn the trends as some players may not do as well against certain styles, regardless of player rankings.

Fitness First

As a physically demanding sport with constant movements and few breaks, players need to be at their peak form in terms of fitness. Look at factors that can put fitness levels to the test be it extreme weather conditions, length of the match, time off, and past injuries.



Finding the best tennis betting sites in Malaysia is much simpler through our recommended list of best bookmakers. Punters can enjoy a safe and secure betting environment, generous bonuses, and a wide variety of betting options to enhance your gaming experience. Many of these sites iclude other sports in their offer such as football betting for events like La Liga, Bundesliga, and the English Premier League.


Can you bet on sports in Malaysia?

Yes, sports betting is allowed in Malaysia as a recent High Court ruling concluded that online gambling or betting is not illegal due to the country’s outdated gambling laws. You can place bets on any online sports betting sites that operate outside the country. However, Muslims or Malays are forbidden from any gambling activities per the Sharia Law.

Is betting on tennis profitable?

Tennis betting is not guaranteed to make you a profit. However, it can be profitable if you pace your bankroll and go with bets that are more stable despite having a lower payout. Always remember to gamble responsibly and never more than you can afford.

What is the difference between betting and gambling?

Although similar, there is a distinction between betting and gambling. In betting, the stakes are placed on an outcome based on the performance of players and their skill. Comparatively, stakes in gambling are placed on an event without any clue of the outcome.

How do I bet on tennis?

All you need to do to bet on tennis is to sign up with one of the recommended online sportsbooks in this article, make a deposit, and start placing your bet on any tennis match.

What are the odds in tennis?

The odds in tennis determine the payout if you win in correlation with your stake. For example, a bet of 10 with the odds of 2:1 means you get paid twice your stake money with the addition of your own stake, giving you a total of 30.

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