Horse Betting in Malaysia | Best Options for 2022

Horse racing in Malaysia is quite popular among Malaysians. The horses are ridden by jockeys for competition purposes. One of the most ancient sports, many enthusiasts take the opportunity to place bets on which horse is the fastest. Horse races have different formats depending on where the races are held. Each country has their own traditions for horse racing.

Betting on horse racing in Malaysia is only available at the physical locations. Online betting on these races are not available. This is why sportsbook agents are a great option for punters interested in horse racing.

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The Malaysian Scene

Horse racing in Malaysia began when the British traders came to the country in the 1800s. Although it was introduced as a foreign sport, it is now considered part of the Malaysian culture and has a popular base of horse racing enthusiasts. In Malaysia, horse racing is held at three locations:

Selangor Turf Club

Hosting about 30 races a year, the racing season begins in January and ends in December. With great dining options available, guests can watch races while enjoying their food. The club also has a riding school and veterinary team that provides a wide range of services for equine health. A cricket ground is also available.

Penang Turf Club

The oldest turf club in Malaysia also features a golf course. They have an equestrian club that offers riding lessons. Other facilities include a club bungalow, spaces for events, and a museum that showcases historical exhibits of the club.

Perak Turf Club

This club boasts the rarity of being able to stage a 1,100-meter straight race. They have 26 race days. On other days, race meetings from other turf clubs and overseas races are broadcasted live. Their facilities include a training track, equine swimming pool, equestrian training center, and an equine hospital.

Punters place wagers on horse racing events ranging from simple to complex bets. Although betting on horse racing may seem simple, there is plenty of in-depth research required. Hours of research can be spent on researching:

  • The horses involved in the race
  • History of past races
  • The jockeys riding the horses
  • The horse handlers

Trainers, jockeys, and racecourses are well established in Malaysia. There are about two thousand horses that compete during the racing season. Breeders have also begun to develop. This has led to many magnificent local competitors.

Horse racing in Malaysia is controlled by the rules of the Malayan Racing Association. Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd operates the gambling side of hose racing. Horse racing greatly contributes to the Malaysian economy and offers may job opportunities.

Sportsbook Agents for Horse Racing

For bettors interested in horse racing, sportsbook agents can be a great option as they offer many advantages:

Access and OptionsAccess and Options

As mentioned, horse racing in Malaysia is only available at three physical locations. No online betting is available for the turf clubs in Malaysia. This means that those who live further from these turf clubs will not be able to place bets on horse racing. With a sportsbook agent, you can place bets on the races from your mobile device.

Even for those who are able to place bets at the turf clubs, using a sportsbook agent gives you access to any horse racing event anywhere in the world.


For those residing near the turf clubs, although you may be able to place bets, it can be much more convenient to place bets through a sportsbook agent. Bets can be placed online without the need to travel to the club. This saves you precious time and money as you no longer have to travel and wade through traffic or queues.


Since horse racing through Singapore Pools is limited to only events in Singapore, having a sportsbook agent gives you access to all types of sports betting and events in the world. By having a sportsbook agent, you can gamble on horse racing events in other countries.

Recommended Sportsbook Agents for Horse Racing

Sportsbook agents can be a great source of information for those new to betting. They can tell you all you need to know about horse racing. If you are interested in placing bets through a sportsbook agent, we recommend:


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Sportsbook Agents vs Foreign Betting Sites

Compared to a foreign betting site, sportsbook agents are generally much more reliable and trusted. The booming online betting industry has resulted in an exponential increase of foreign betting sites. The sites often seem attractive, but it can be hard to determine which ones can be trusted.

If you are interested in placing bets through a foreign betting site, make sure to do the proper research to ensure the site is licensed. Consider past client reviews and their reputation. Although your money is important, you should remember to protect your personal information.


Horse racing in Malaysia is an industry that has a significant contribution to the Malaysian economy. Online betting on the races are not available. Malaysians who are interested in wagering on horse racing in Malaysia can place bets through a reliable sportsbook agent.