Football Betting in Malaysia

Football betting in Malaysia is one of the most popular pastimes among locals. It often goes hand in hand with watching football matches. Betting real money on the game adds to the thrill and excitement of the match.

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Besides the local matches, other betting options include major events from football leagues like:

  • English Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Champions League
  • World Cup
  • South Africa League Cup
  • And more

In Malaysia, there is no online sports betting available. The good news is that there is no shortage of legitimate betting sites based abroad that accept bets in Malaysian ringgit (MYR).

Another good option would be to place your bets through a sportsbook agent. Gambling winnings are not taxed in Malaysia. However, you may need to pay some taxes to the companies who host the bet.

Sportsbook Agents for Football Betting

Sportsbook agents are often overlooked when it comes to online sports betting. They can be a great option as they offer many advantages such as:


Horse racing is the only sports betting available in Malaysia. However, this is only available at 3 physical locations:

  • Selangor Turf Club
  • Penang Turf Club
  • Perak Turf Club

Even if football betting becomes available at a physical location, it is more convenient placing bets through a sportsbook agent. You can save your time and money from having to travel to these physical locations.

Bookies are especially suitable for those who have a busy lifestyle. You no longer have to set reminders to place bets. Just tell your agent to place bets on your favorite team or on teams that have the highest chance of winning. You can even have your agent place bets per their discretion.

Another major reason to use a sportsbook agent would be the amount of research required. Good sportsbook agents do the necessary research to increase the odds of winning. This research can take hours to days. If they are well connected, they may even have insider tips that can help you win big!


With a sportsbook agent, you are no longer limited to just football betting or local matches. Sportsbook agents have a wide variety of online esports, popular sports, teams, and events worldwide you can bet on. Choose from other popular Malaysian sports like tennis, motorsports, basketball, badminton, and more.

Recommended Sportsbook Agents for Football Betting

There are many factors to consider when looking for a good sportsbook agent. Consider their experience, reputation, variety of sports, services, and bonuses. Here are some of the best sportsbook agents in Malaysia:


Acebet99 is one of the best sportsbook agents in Malaysia. They also cater to Singaporean and Thailand punters. They are a trusted company with more than 10 years of experience in the online betting industry.

Acebet99 partners with the largest and most prominent bookmakers in Asia like IBCbet, SBObet, Maxbet, and CMD368. They offer:

High-quality customer support team that responds and resolves issues quickly.
Easy transfers using your preferred payment method.
Exclusive incentives such as welcome bonuses and deposit matches.
Daily withdrawals without extra surcharge.

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Bet888win is a prominent name in the online gambling industry. They have more than 10 years of experience and provide their services to Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

As one of the best sportsbook agents in Malaysia, they partner with the biggest bookmakers such as SBObet, IBCbet, Maxbet, TBSbet, and CMD368. They provide:

A wide variety of games to bet on
Sportsbook information for newcomers
Reliable customer support
Bonuses and the best odds or payout rates

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Sportsbook Agents vs Online Betting Sites

Online betting sites in Malaysia are all based abroad as the government has not approved any licenses for local online betting companies to be established. Having a sportsbook agent is like having a best friend.

Sportsbook agents are dependable and can be relied on to have your best interests at heart. The online gambling industry has grown tremendously. This resulted in an exponential increase of foreign betting sites.

Although these sites may seem attractive, it can be hard to determine which online betting sites can be trusted. If you are interested in placing bets through an online betting site, make sure that the site is licensed and can be trusted.

Remember that you should not only protect your money, but also your personal information as well. When choosing a foreign betting site, assess their reputation, client reviews, and see if they accept your currency of choice.

Online Betting Guide in Malaysia

It is legal for non-Muslims to gamble in Malaysia. Muslims, however, are forbidden to gamble under the Sharia law. This also applies to Muslim tourists. Although online gambling is not illegal, the government has not granted licenses for online casinos to operate in the country.

Per the Civil Law Act 1956, no action will be taken on bettors who receive money from wagering. This means that Malaysians will have to play with online casinos, sports betting sites, and sportsbook agents based abroad. Some examples include:

Online Casinos

There is only one traditional casino in Malaysia. This is why many turn to online casinos as they offer a wide variety of casino games, slot games, and more. They also offer incentives such as weekly tournaments and free bets.

Most can be accessed from a mobile device making it extremely convenient. Some online casinos also have live dealers that provide an authentic gaming experience.

Sports Betting Sites and Online Sportsbook Agents

There are many sports betting sites available. Their advantages depend on the one you choose. Make sure to choose reputable sites with good customer service. Sportsbook agents are those who partner with bookmakers and provide personalized services. They can offer more advantages than the bookmaker.

Casino Agents

Casino agents partner with casino partners. They ensure that the websites you play with are legitimate. For example, acebet99 and bet888win are casino agents that partner with the best online casinos in Asia like Grand Dragon and MaxBet live casino.

Online Banking for Online Betting

Although the government is lenient, it would be best to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. Online betting should be funded through wire transfers or electronic wallets. Some of these sites have a discreet billing system to prevent banks and card providers from blocking the transaction. Some good options include:


This is a popular money transfer service. It allows fast and secure payments.


An e-wallet and online payment service accepted by many bookmakers. It allows punters to be anonymous and move money easily.


Owned by the Paysafe Group who also owns Skrill, it comes with the same security guarantee and reputation as Skrill.

Another good option is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin transactions are faster, more secure, and allow you to remain anonymous. You can also wait until the rate of bitcoin prices increase to earn more money.

The number of transaction options have increased a lot over the last few years. It is now much easier to make quick, discreet, and secure withdrawals and payments.


Online football betting is a great way to make some money while enjoying yourself. Watch your favorite teams such as Liverpool or Chelsea and win big from the comforts of your own home.