Tennis Betting in Malaysia

The recent boom of online sports betting encourages Malaysians to try and make an extra buck. Tennis is a popular sport to bet on as it has many advantages compared to other sports such as:

  • Major tournaments have been spaced out so that there is a game daily. They are governed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).
  • Punters often research past match info and statistics. Tennis match data and metrics are easily available online.
  • Tennis betting has very few random factors. In sports like football, there are many factors stacked against the punters. With tennis, these are greatly minimized.
  • Unlike other sports, tennis is a two-man sport. It is much easier to assess the physical and mental condition of players, vs say, 11 players in football.
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Recommended Sportsbook Agents

A sportsbook agent should be reliable and reputable. You should always read customer reviews as your personal data and funds are on the line. Agents should be familiar with your location to guide you to the sites with the best odds and cater to the current trends in your area.

One of the biggest agents in Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand for more than a decade. Customer reviews state that they are one of the best sportsbook agents, with amazing customer support. They offer a multitude of sports to cater to your every desire. They also offer live match betting for ongoing tournaments.

Bet888win is well-known for their generous bonuses, attractive payouts and regular promos. They have excellent security and an experienced team who supports their customers round the clock.

Malaysians love these two giants in sports betting as they have state of the art security so you can be assured that your funds and personal data are in good hands. They partner with agents who brings you the best in online sports betting:


A popular registered agent, they are the best in Asia, especially in Singapore and Malaysia. They provide excellent sportsbook guide to both new punters and high rollers. Services include placing your bets on your behalf.


Boasting excellent customer reviews and experienced team to do the research so you can bet on the sites with the best odds.


A name synonymous with sports betting, CMD368 has excellent relations with the websites they use. Their extensive list of sports and matches includes esports betting.


The best feature of MaxBet is live streaming of games and matches. Live betting is a highlight especially when it comes to world class events like the World Cup.

Sportsbook Agents vs Foreign Sites

Due to the boom of online betting, there are plenty to choose from, like sports, matches, tournaments and where to place your bets. Besides sportsbook agents, punters also can bet on foreign sites. Here are the main differences:

Sportsbook agents

They are your ultimate guide and directs you to sites offering the best odds and the best payouts. Their research and knowledge will help you have an enjoyable experience. Good agents like Acebet99 and Bet88win offer great bonuses, payouts and promos. Security is assured with the latest encryption.

Foreign Sites

Punters may need to do a deep dive research regarding security on foreign sites that they choose. These may be run by smaller companies and offer smaller bonuses and payouts.

Online Betting Guide in Malaysia

There are 4 types of online gambling and betting that you know:

Live Online Casinos

Popular is due to exhilaration it provides. Players can feel and experience the thrill of the game from the comforts of their own homes.

Mobile Casinos

The true definition of freedom and mobility. Players can access their games anywhere on any device, be it an iOS device or an Android one.

Sportsbook Agents

These agents are a punter’s best friend. They get you all the inside information on the best sites to visit and which matches to bet on.

Casino Agents

Experienced and knowledgeable agents guide you to make the most of your funds. Good ones offer generous bonuses and attractive payouts.


Players love the convenience of betting and playing online and accessibility from mobile devices anywhere, anytime. With recent pandemic requirements, online gambling is the only way to gamble safely and securely.